The first real conversation

Posted: April 10, 2011 in The Main Story

The original intention of the number exchange WAS that she may inform me about the class; which she did. In fact, she texted me on the very same day to call me for the class. At that time, I just hurried to class, not replying back to her. However, after the class, while I was going home, I replied with a thank you and a lil’ conversation carrier (not starter cuz we were already talking. Plus, I just made that word up). We conversed nicely for a while until I found an innovative way to somewhat scare her away.

“So, what do you think of the guys here?’ she texts (I was new, remember?). Being the honest, frank idiot that I was, I bluntly said that I did not enjoy the same mentality as them.

“Lol. Thats sounds arrogant,” she replied and I smack myself on the head(I mean, REALLY? Of all the ways I could put it, I say it like THAT? Now she must think Im some cocky wise-ass who walks with his nose in the air. Real nice, dumass!.) Panicking, I tried to explian myself; hence, I ended up telling her I had a superiority complex and what not! (I had had epiphanies in the summers and was eager to share them with someone). Lets recap: firstly, I come off as an egotistical buffoon. Not quite satisfied with the extent of damage I had done, I go a step further and tell her I have this constant notion that I’m better than everyone(I mean really, as if I couldn’t make it any worse! What a time my brain picks for being a total douche!). I was afraid that I had totally blown it. However, she had issues too: she liked her name spelt much differently than the normally accepted version of it (kinda hard to explain without using her real name, but I shall try to explain: imagine, she preferred being called snopy rather than snoopy). As she apologized, I told her that she had no need to: I had so many complexes/issues that she was automatically entitled to one ; she laughed at that (damage control, complete!). The conversation carried forward a little and she told me about her favourite bands (Three Days Grace and some other emo/rock ones) before I reached Margalla Motel to attend a survey. There, I bid her farewell, until next time.

Overall, I think I did alright; barring the bad first impression, I had exited in a classy way and not led the conversation on too far. A job well done; not too bad for a first conversation.

The Number Game

Posted: March 25, 2011 in The Main Story

Friday, 23rd September 2010; fresh from the confident start I had had in the school regarding females (see previous post), I cranked it up a notch: I started waving to her/them (they both were friends and were together most of the time; however, I am concerned with HER) every morning when I would see her (admittedly, it’s not much. But I made the best of my conditions). I had all the classes she had, so it seemed inevitable our paths would cross every now and then; however, contact was minimal.

Fate (yep, that sly lil’ fella!), however, had a whole plan in mind. She would have it that I started to miss my Thinking Skills classes because I did not know the time at which they were being held. Plus, I would be too busy playing football at every opportunity I got so that didn’t help either. Anyway, I liked the subject and didn’t want to miss the classes so I looked to solve this problem. Luckily (for whom, I do not know), I remembered that she took the class as well. Therefore, I made a mental note to ask her to inform me when the class would take place the next time I met her.

The next day, in Mathematics class, as she (we are talking about snoopy here. We will ALWAYS be talking about snoopy here, unless specified otherwise! This is obsession, people! Chop chop!) walked past me, I initiated the conversation.

” So how is Thinking Skills going?” I inquired, looking concerned.

“Fine. The teacher *pointless conversation which has no effect on anything, hence the word ‘pointless’ ” She replied, smiling a little.

” I see. I keep missing the class!” I proceeded, seeming a little sad/annoyed.

“Oh? I wondered why you have not been coming…” She carried the conversation on a little.

At that very moment, I realized, that the only way for her to practically and effectively inform me about the class would be if we had each others numbers. However, I was unsure how I could make this the case; I mean,  it had not even been a week that I had known her. The last time, I’d taken a girl’s number, I had had to wait months! So, I was in a dilemma: how do I do this? If I asked for her number, it would seem too desperate; if I offered mine, it would seem to eager.

Okay buddy, I told myself, Calm down. Breath; we can do this! I had my doubts, but I was willing to give it a shot. However, knowing that the following words could make or break this situation, I chose them with extreme care. After a lot of thinking and consideration, I went for the subtle approach: no mention of any numbers. Just a hint towards the inevitable.

” I was wondering, if there was any way you could inform me about the class next time, if I miss it?” I asked, hoping she would take the bait (and yes, all that thought process took a few seconds!).

” Oh sure, I can let you know. What is your number?”

I was dumbfounded. How had this happened? A GIRL, asking ME, for my NUMBER?! Dazed, I complied; she saved it and went to her seat. End of a story/incident that had almost given me a heart attack.

My careful phrasing of words had not only made me not seem eager or desperate for a girl’s number, even if for educational purposes, but also got her to ask me for mine! Life was good! Later, she texted me about the class and a little later than that, we talked a bit more. But that is all another story.


Note:- Did you notice? Many good things regarding her have happened in reference to Thinking Skills. I’ll have more examples to further strengthen that observation, but even till then, damn! That is creepy!




Some incidents ( i shall not name it but it should be fairly easy to guess which one) have been over-dramatized for story-telling and entertainment purposes. They may or may not have happened in actual as they have been told. We would apologize for the inconvenience- but we know we have no reason to. People love the drama. They always have.

Pilot: the start of it all

Posted: March 23, 2011 in The Main Story

Monday 24th August, 2010: the first day of my school. I had shifted to a new house and consequently, a new school as well. Needless to say, I would have to go through the dreary task of making new friends, being polite and trying my best to come off as decent kid rather than the hyper-awesome person that I was(I’m kinda arrogant; live with it, hah =P). So, I did all of that plus attend classes and ask many career oriented questions.  Most of the day had passed and freedom was almost within reach. It was then that I entered the room where my Thinking Skills class was to be held and fate laid a path for me. (dramatic, I know. But it adds flavor!)

I enter the room and the class is mostly empty, bar two girls.

“Is there going to be a class?” I ask politely.They shook their heads.

“Doesn’t seem likely,” one of them replied.

Disappointed (cuz there would be no class >.<)/ Happy (cuz THERE WOULD BE NO CLASS! XD), I turned to go. Now, if I had gone, nothing would have happened. I would have not met a girl, I would not have gone far, I would not have broke up and consequently, I would not be here right now, writing about all this. No, I did not go away.  I remained there. And that made all the difference.

You could very well say that I was/am an opportunist. I had just come off my O levels with a lot of female friends and with all that confidence, I was eager to make more at every chance I got. It was to not only improve my self-confidence but also prove to myself that I would not cringe away at the sight of women no more. So, instead of going back outside, I took a deep breath and turned to face the two girls sitting. They both had barely noticed me and were busy scribbling things on their notebook.

“So, are you guys new in this school too?”

I don’t quite remember exactly what I had said, but it really doesn’t matter; the poppy-cock (excuse me, this old man in our school used this word and I have found it humorous, to say the very least) conversation-starting line had done its job! They had responded. Mission accomplished!

Only one of them talked; the other remained silent. We exchanged a few pleasantries, and talked a little about studies ( I HAD to boast about my good result!). Her (the one who had talked) name was Snoopy and her friend’s was Cake (keepin’ it cautious here folks!). I told them it was nice to know them and made my way out of the room.

I had made two new friends.However, I had no idea that one of them would play such a major role in my life.